President Trump Appears Helpless and Hopeless

President Donald J. Trump Appears As Helpless and Hopeless As Me in front of the American Evil System

Aug. 09, 2022

by Limin Wang

Man, the Congress' "Selecting Committee" held several public live broadcasts of "hearings" about January 6 and President Donald J. Trump. Out of many cues the "hearings" actually have revealed about the DEEP STATE, the grabbing for the steering wheel and the dripping of thrown ketchup down the wall, according to the pretty face value, are as vivid as the "POWERLESS" of President Donald J. Trump facing the DEEP STATE. Now, yesterday, news broke that FBI raided Donald J. Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago, without any Notice. I guess there was NO WARRANT either. The "rule of law" jokers broke in and broke up things such as safes as long as they wanted. President Trump, throw me a lifeline in New York City, and let me be your "inferior" advisor for a BETTER AMERICA. The same categories of AES Humanscums have been persecuting me and my family over long long years from all around.