Affidavit(s) for Mar-a-Lago Raid Still in the Cooking

The Affidavit(s) for the Mar-a-Lago Raid by FBI Must Be Still in the Cooking

August 16, 2022

by Limin Wang

The Mar-a-Lago Raid by FBI happened on August 08, 2022, while President Trump was away from his private residence. Trump cried that his three passports were taken too, so if he needs to go to Mexico to seek asylum from a leftist government, he needs to punch a hole in the border wall. Think about that, Trump's passports must have been considered as TOP SECRETS too by DOJ and FBI and beyond, so foreigners and citizens should NOT know what's on Trump's passports. According to my real experiences with the Liberty Statue governments and agencies and agents about my real matters and my family's real matters, the so-called affidavit(s) for the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago must still be in the cooking! DOJ should have told "We the people" that the affidavit(s) has/have been CLASSIFIED as TOP SECRET for the NATIONAL SECURITY BEHIND CLOSED DOOR AFTER DOOR. The "democratic" system runs in the darkness. So-called "national security" is actually only dirt or crime stuff to the supposedly publicized "laws", while many SHAMEFUL "laws" are NOT even accessible to "We the people". "We the people" are only selected as views and audience for some "shows", while the CREATION of "shows" is not part of the business of "We the people".