ASK "Family Court", ACS for FORMAL MAIL AND EMAIL on Trial

Please FORMALLY Mail AND Email ME YOUR SET Date and Time of the "PERMANENCY HEARING" OR "IN COURT TRIAL" --- My Daughter Alexandria Wang Being Seduced and Abducted by Humanscums of the American Evil System, Docket # NN-09918-21

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BCC to my elder daughter Rosila Wang]

September 28, 2022, Wednesday,

To NYcourts, Queens County "Family Court", NYC "Administration for Children's Services", My Daughters, and to whoever concerned with basic human being integrities,

The so-called "family court" hearings since the first one on Oct. 05, 2021 to the most recent one on Sept. 23, 2022 have ALL been "Sham and Shame" "legal proceedings"! My daughter Alexandria Wang, near or above 18-yr-old, has NEVER even once appeared on such a "court" hearing, but the HUMANSCUMS of the AMERICAN EVIL SYSTEM have kept using the perversely fabricated and distorted lies and shrouds of "child neglect" and "administration for children services" to systematicly deliberately inflict tremendous harm, torture, and ruin to both the parents and both daughters (the elder daughter Rosila Wang was severely and harmfully affected too). Your so-called virtual hearing on 3:00 PM, Sept. 23, 2022 about YOUR PROPOSED "Qualified Residence Treatment Program" BUT ACTUALLY ALREADY ENFORCED onto my poor YOUNG-ADULT daughter Alexandria Wang went on ONCE AGAIN BEYOND YOUR EVIL LIMIT, because HUMANSCUMS OF THE AMERICAN EVIL SYSTEM once again openly interfered my cell phone to HAVE NO SIGNAL EVEN OUTDOOR IN NEW YORK CITY WHILE THE "VIRTUAL HEARING" WAS HAPPENING. After my phone finally got signal and I joined the virtual "meeting", the "Judge" "Emily Ruben" voice simply immediately "muted" me and said I had NO VOICE in the case because of my daughter (Alexandria) being over 18-yr-old now, and stated the "in person" trial in "her court" will be held in OCTOBER 21st, 2022, NOON. 

Since the ACS "attorney" "Rachel Radomski" and the SECRET "foster care" "BUSINESS" namely "SCO Family of Services" have MAILED in the recent past months about the so-called "permanency hearing" or "in court trial" on DIFFERENT DATES/TIMES, I REQUEST THE "FAMILY COURT" TO MAIL ME THE FORMAL NOTICE IN YOUR FIRST-EVER MAIL OVER THE ONE FULL YEAR COURSE OF "LEGAL PROCEEDINGS" ABOUT THE FORMALLY SET DATE AND TIME OF SUCH AN "IN COURT" "IN PERSON" "TRIAL" OF THIS CASE WITH DOCKET # NN-09918-21.

By the "judge" "Emily Ruben" rationale, if only because my poor young daughter Alexandria Wang is now 18-years-old, so the parents do not have even a say about their daughter, why THE AMERICAN EVIL SYSTEM'S HUMANSCUMS CONTROL MY POOR YOUNG DAUGHTER ALEXANDRIA WANG IN DE FACTO JAIL UNDER THE SHROUD OF "PSYCHIATRIC THERAPY" OR "QUALIFIED RESIDENCE TREATMENT PROGRAM"? My daughter Alexandria Wang should be A FREE HUMAN BEING! The AES HUMANSCUMS have been turning my young daughter Alexandria Wang into ANOTHER PSYCHOPATH, just like how the AES HUMANSCUMS have turned the daughters' mother and my wife Li Li into a SEVERE PSYCHOPATH!

Also, other AES humanscums in the premeditated and coordinated assaults to my whole family have re-set the EARLIEST EVICTION EXECUTION date of Landlord-Tenant case LT-304213/21-QU onto October 03, 2022, Monday.


Limin Wang

Victim of the American Evil System