Please Nullify Your Relentless Eviction --- LT-304213-21/QU

Please Nullify Your Relentless Eviction --- LT-304213-21/QU Landlords Maurice & Jyne Shiau vs Tenants Limin Wang, Li Li, “Jane Doe”, “John Doe”

November 28, 2022, Monday

By Limin Wang

Re: Please Nullify Your Relentless Eviction

Landlords Mr. Maurice & Mrs. Jyne Shiau, Landlords’ Attorney Perry Ian Tischler, Queens Civil Court Housing Part Court Serena Valdes and Agata Rumprecht-Behrens and Judge Enedina Pilar Sanchez, NYcourts,

According to the mails from City Marshal Justin P. Grossman received on Nov. 18, 2022, Fri., the new earliest eviction execution had been set to November 29, 2022, Tuesday, i.e., tomorrow.

I have provided SUFFICIENT CAUSES via speaking and writing and presenting that the New York System should not persecute my family further ruthlessly through such relentless evictions. You show despicable power to even MALICIOUSLY MANIPULATE the mails addressed to my family and the court schedules.

The landlords’ attorney initially filed for arrear rent and eviction, but the landlord Mr. Maurice Shiau had rejected my offer to resume the rent payment in a face-to-face conversation at this rental place (136-09 59th Ave, Ground Floor Rear Apartment, Flushing, NY 11355) in around April 2021, and the landlords side verbally declared a couple of times on (virtual) courts this landlord/tenant case is NOT about money, and Judge Enedina Pilar Sanchez also clearly stated on the April 05, 2022 “trial” that this case is NOT about money. Then your hard push for EVICTION by all means, without the courage to even accept the undeniable truth that there is a WRITTEN LEASE WRITTEN BY MR. MAURICE SHIAU AND SIGNED BY BOTH MAURICE SHIAU AND ME, but with the courage to demonstrate PERJURY AND CORRUPTION, is for my family’s MISERY, isn’t it?

I have been trying my hardest to channel my injured energy to finish a first full draft of “No Man’s Land”, which will comprehensively reveal my severe and permanent injuries, particularly on my head and spine, from the numerous, sophisticated, premeditated, and coordinated attempted-murders first at the slavery workplace and then by “medical professionals” while without just recovery in the Workers’ Compensation case G2029240; Li Li’s severe psychoses squarely due to the American & Chinese Hybrid Evil System’s deliberate manipulations; the horrible specifics of the OVER A DOEZN CATEGORIES of rental issues; the details of the sham and shame legal procedures and “Adult Protective Services” in this LT-304213-21/QU case; and the ACHES’ treacherous seduction and abduction, via sham and shame and crime branded as “rule of law” on “child neglect case” Docket numbered as NN-09918-21, of my two young daughters Alexandria and Rosila Wang who are way too immature although recently over the 18-yrs-old mark. Many of the specifics have been revealed online and to the related parties, although my such revelations have been almost all technically quelled and liberally neglected.

If the landlords and the New York System NULLIFY the eviction, I would appreciate your kindness with first paying one year worth of arrear rent. If eviction is still pressed on, I would challenge you to allow one more month’s stay/postponement of eviction, so any real people in the world along the history can judge the facts, truth, me, my family, the American & Chinese Hybrid Evil System, and you.

Very Truly,

Limin Wang

Victim of the American & Chinese Hybrid Evil System