1) Re letting? 2) Landlords Damaged My Phone 3) Threatening

1) Re letting? 2) Landlords Took and Watered my Phone 3) Threatening after Restoration --- LT-304213-21/QU Landlords Maurice & Jyne Shiau vs Tenants Limin Wang, Li Li, "Jane Doe", "John Doe"

by Limin Wang

Dec. 08, 2022

These following two emails were sent to

QUESTION <question@nycourts.gov>,

Serena Valdes <svaldes@nycourts.gov>,

Agata Rumprecht-Behrens <arumprec@nycourts.gov>,

P T <PTISCHLER@aol.com>,


Limin Wang <liminwang29@gmail.com>

First email sent on Dec 8, 2022, 4:36 PM

December 08, 2022, Thursday

I was going outside looking for any suitable rental place today, and when I came back to this to-be-re-evicted as early as Dec. 16, 2022 apartment (136-09 59th Ave, Ground Floor Rear Apartment, Flushing, NY 11355), the Notice of Attempted Visit by NYC Adult Protective Services was magically stuck to the iron gate. While on the previous two evictions on Oct. 05 and Nov. 29, 2022, the APS did not even bother to show up. From my past experiences with the APS, I can not believe that the "APS" can provide anything good or real.

Here is my last pitch to landlords Mr. Maurice Shiau and Mrs. Jyne Shiau, your attorney Mr. Perry Ian Tischler, and the Court System. Is there any possibility that you can re-let this ground floor rear apartment, de facto dwelling place, to my family? If yes, under what circumstances? I have been living here for more than eleven years. Despite the numerous and long pains and sufferings as outlined, there are good aspects such as Mr. Maurice Shiau's general kindness for instance on the rent amount, a backyard I can have some rare good times with the wild and cultivated plants as well as with the wandering adorable community cats.

Please reply me either way as soon as you see this, although Mr. Maurice Shiau had said NO already on Dec. 01, 2022 during our face-to-face talk.


Limin Wang

To-be-evicted Tenant

Follow-up email sent on Dec 8, 2022, 10:45 PM

NYcourts, Civil Court, Landlords Mr. Maurice Shiau and Jyne Shiau, Your Attorney Mr. Perry Ian Tischler,

What the Shiaus have done to my BLU cell phone? I was trying to use this old phone today but I found the phone screen is COMPLETELY UNRESPONSIVE other than lighting up with the background image and thus would NOT show up the PIN UNLOCK screen and thus I could NOT access any apps on my phone. On Nov. 29, 2022, the eviction was rushed, and I forgot to take this BLU cell phone with me. It was being charged near the microwave in the living room. When I came back into this apartment on that 11/29/22 early evening, NOWHERE I could find this BLU cell phone. Then when the landlords came at night of Nov. 29, 2022 to this apartment and called 911 for police. I told the police that the landlords took my BLU cell phone. Then, Mrs. Jyne Shiau claimed my BLU phone was in the bathroom and let Li Li take it to the front yard. Immediately, I asked Li Li about the BLU phone, and Li Li then took it from a pocket of the suitcase she THEN JUST got out of the apartment. I felt my BLU phone was WET, so I asked Li Li why it's wet and whether Li Li's hands were wet. Li Li said her hands were dry, and meanwhile, Mrs. Jyne Shiau claimed that my BLU phone was in the bathroom. This BLU phone, although old and not smooth on everything, has some RECORDS such as the text-messages I sent to Mr. Maurice Shiau about the RENTAL ISSUES since the landlords' beginning of eviction on March 23, 2021. For example, Since June 21, 2022, I had texted Mr. Maurice Shiau MANY times about the heavy leaking from the bathtub cold water faucet and the faulty kitchen faucet newly replaced on Sept. 17, 2021, and even made Mr. Maurice Shiau pause his weeding on the front yard and come in to look at these two faucets, but the landlords did not care about the leaks. On Dec. 01, 2022, after I was given the temporary restoration of possession, Mr. Maurice Shiau had a couple of old Chineses go inside the apartment to "fix" the already-disabled stove, the bathtub faucet leaking, and the entrance gate's faulty lock, but the bathtub cold water was STILL LEAKING although not THAT much as before. I was NOT given any key to the front entrance doors or backyard door. These two old handyman and handywoman WERE CURSING both Li Li and me as "garbage", WERE THREATENING me to BE SURELY DEAD. This is a TYPICAL way the landlords use of "handyman" or the actual 2nd-floor thugs to HARASS, TORT, TORTURE, AND THREATEN me and my family.