Shouldn't It be Easy for the Russian Side to Take Ugledar?

 Shouldn’t It be Easy for the Russian Side to Take Ugledar?

Feb. 07, 2023

By Limin Wang


Ugledar is only a very small town in a vast agricultural plain along the southern front line. If Russians have already known the exact spots where the enemies are concentrated in Ugledar, then simply bomb and shell. If the enemies have coal mine tunnels to hide in, then Russians should first seek to encircle the whole town and block all the exit routes, at least by firepower, and secondly invade from the apartment quarters building by building after firing warning shells to urge every inhabitant to leave. Any cluster of enemy militants inside apartment buildings will be smashed or burnt by shells or bombs or killed by snipers. Individual enemy fighters will be killed, wounded, or captured during each apartment building’s thorough sweeping operation. After cleansing, only a very small amount of Russian-side military occupies the cleared buildings to mainly prevent enemy re-entrance, while the major attacking units among the whole sieging force go mobile anytime anywhere nearby as necessary. The end of war in Ugledar is supposed to happen as surrender or death of the defense enemy remnants in the industry/business quarters and coal mine tunnels.