03/31/2023 11AM Queens County "Family Court"

I will attend IN-PERSON again, for the probably FOURTH "trial" on the alleged "child neglect" "case" about my then 17-and-a-half years, now almost 19-yr-old, daughter Alexandria Wang. I will CALMLY AND FIRMLY CHALLENGE THE NEW YORK CITY EVIL SYSTEM toward THESE HUMANSCUMS as NYC ACS, ITS ATTORNEYS, and the COURT SYSTEM itself. As expected from THEIR ROUTINE EVIL, they would NOT allow my daughter Alexandria to BE PRESENT AND PRESENT; THEIR "ATTORNEYS" AND "JUDGE" would always use "objections" to PROHIBIT ME FROM FINDING OUT THEIR EVIL DONE TO MY DAUGHTER and FROM PUTTING OUT MY ALLEGATIONS ONTO THEM RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM IN THE "COURT". The NYC EVIL SYSTEM has NOTHING but THREATS, EVEN MURDER THREATS from UNIFORMED COPS and/or plainclothes THUGS and/or "MENTALLY ILL"!