ME THE VICTIM'S DEMANDS --- "Child Neglect Case" NN-09918-21

ME THE VICTIM''S DEMANDS --- Perversely Maliciously Fabricated and Distorted "Child Neglect Case" NN-09918-21

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Alexandria Wang ?...?

At 14:49 PM, September 25, 2023, Monday]

September 25, 2023, Monday

Re: My daughter Alexandria Wang being seduced and abducted by the American Evil System''s HUMANSCUMS --- Docket # NN-09918-21

Whoever related in the case,

Whatever "legal document" about the "child neglect case" perversely maliciously fabricated and distorted by the New York Evil System''s HUMANSCUMS, with a docket number NN-09918-21, should NOT have been and should NOT be sent via postal mail to the EVICTED rental place, 136-09 59th Ave, Ground Floor Rear Apartment, Flushing, NY 11355 since December 15, 2022, because I had EXPLICITLY told in the SHAM AND SHAME Queens County "Family Court", Rm 460, 151-20 Jamaica Ave, Queens, NY 11432 during the Dec. 15, 2022 morning In-Person "trial" about the IMMINENT 2nd-ROUND EVICTION from that rental place, and because the whole family of FOUR were eventually ruthlessly EVICTED via the same SHAM AND SHAME Queens County "Civil Court" in the LT-304213-21/QU landlord-tenant case on the morning of December 19, 2022. So, the American Evil System''s HUMANSCUMS should NOT have sent via ONLY regular postal mail whatever "documents", "legal" or "medical", "notice" or "decision", again and again, MONTHS AFTER THE EVICTION, to the EVICTED rental place. 

Also, the AES HUMANSCUMS should NOT have sent whatever "document" to me in any postal mail with only Li Li''s name shown on the envelope or seen through the envelope''s c;ear window, because Li Li has been brainwashed and drugged by the New York City Evil System''s HUMANSCUMS during Li Li''s twice desertions from me and the two biological young daughters in year 2014, and Li Li returned as a SEVERE PSYCHOPATH to the family since August 2015, and Li Li WOULD NOT EVEN OPEN OR TAKE OR PICK UP the mails directly addressed only to her Li Li. Never forget my revelation how the HUMANSCUMS in the USPS were also involved in the eviction case and this "child neglect case". 

Although the American-Chinese Hybrid Evil System HUMANSCUMS, including NYPD uniformed cops and "medical professionals", had done this treacherous evil damage to Li Li and to the family, including to the YOUNG CHILDREN Rosila and Alexandria Wang, via Li Li, the ACHES HUMANSCUMS have always denied or avoided the ABSOLUTE FACT that Li Li has become a SEVERE PSYCHOPATH WITH FREQUENT SPONTANEOUS EPISODES OF ANGRY AND ANGUISH RANTING-ALONE-AND-ALONG of NO SPECIFIC OR RELATED MATTERS, BEYOND MANY OTHER SEVERE SYMPTOMS. More than that, the ACHES HUMANSCUMS, including the QC "Family Court" judge "Emily Ruben", NYC "Administration for Children''s Services" "attorneys" "Rachel Radomski" and "Melissa Keller", NYC “ACS” worker Gerardo Duran, the "psychiatric therapy provider" and "foster care" business using religion as a veil and named "SCO Family of Services", and the "attorney" Deborah Williams from "Legal Aid Society", have been trying to lure their victim Li Li into a "domestic violence" case against ME, the only but also severely injured parent still supporting and caring and loving my young children! Meanwhile, the AES HUMANSCUMS have been claiming their "support" and "care" and "love" to their VICTIMS my daughters Rosila Wang and Alexandria Wang, despite the FACTS that the AES HUMANSCUMS have NOT given my daughters the proper education, the good opportunity of college admission, and the bright future. What''s the AES''s fucking reason to deny Rosila Wang''s aspiration to enroll in the nursing program in year 2021? What''s the "quality" and "affordability" of the FUCKING PRIVATE COLLEGE named "The New School" to Alexandria Wang? The AES HUMANSCUMS have been meticulously restraining my young daughters'' future, while you have been FOOLING your young victims to believe you give them a good "American Dream". I wish my young daughters, still only near the mark of 20-yr-old, realize their dim bit of "hope" given by the American Evil System comes at not only the expense of their parents'' FATE but also that of their OWN. If Maoism Communism authority still existed, family union and individual development and life and work would be all BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, not THE ACHES condescented "privilege"!

Since my current rental room is in a NASTY AND RISKY apartment, and there is no certainty of housing at that place, YOU MUST SENT YOUR WHATEVER "DOCUMENT" TO ME, SEPARATELY FROM THAT TO LI LI, VIA EMAIL TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. Also, you should always give a copy of whatever "document" to your other VICTIM Alexandria Wang herself, because she needs to realize soon or later from YOUR VICIOUS EVIL-FILLED "documents" HOW WRONGLY SHE HAS BEEN FRAUDED AND HARMED BY THE AMERICAN EVIL SYSTEM''S HUMANSCUMS. 

The text message of the electronic version of the VICIOUSLY-INTENDED-DE-FACTO-JAILING-AND-POSSIBLY-MURDERING-ME-AT-NYS "restraining order" from Alexandria Wang''s cell phone number WAS another EVIDENCE OF THE AES HUMANSCUMS'' MALICE. CowardoUS HUMANSCUMS, send me these "documents" via Email to this Email address. Please show the responsibility of being a basic human being, and please stay off your routine self-serving mindset of Holocaust Jews or Slavery Negros or Exceptionist Whites. YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE BY YOUR WORDS AND DEEDS. If you judge my reactive words as "psychiatric disease", FUCK AMERICAN HUMANSCUMS, do NOT spread your anti-anti-semitism or anti-racism or anti-communism via your "PASSION".

The Jews all over the world want all the people to believe The Diary of a Young Girl, purportedly by a young girl named Anne Frank who was actually nonexistent by the time of publication. I want you to read an adult Chinese man, Limin Wang, and his historic documentary book, No Man''s Land, about the decades of adult-life experiences in the U.S.A. and the Special-Colored FAKE "communist" China CONTROLLED by the AES (that is why I coin the term ACHES). Humanscums, Alexandria Wang had been a healthy and well-being young girl before your de-facto abduction on the night of September 24 -25, 2021, exactly two years ago, so YOU SHOULD NOT CONTINUE WITH YOUR FORCED "PSYCHIATRIC THERAPY" AND "MEDICATIONS" TO BRAINWASH AND DRUG MY DAUGHTER ALEXANDRIA WANG INTO ANOTHER SEVERE PSYCHOPATH AS YOU HAD DONE TO HER MOTHER AND MY WIFE LI LI. WHAT YOU HAVE SAID AND DONE TO ALEXANDRIA WANG SHOULD BE LATER REVEALED BY HERSELF AS A NORMAL ADULT TO THE WHOLE WORLD, NOT BY ANOTHER OUTSIDER OVER A PERMANENTLY DISABLED OR EVEN DEAD ALEXANDRIA WANG TO PAINT NICE OF THE AMERICAN EVIL SYSTEM AGAINST THE "BAD" PARENTS, PARTICULARLY THE FIGHTING-AGAINST-ACHES FATHER.

To show your courage, and to show your noncriminality, YOU SHOULD ALLOW AND PERSUADE ALEXANDRIA WANG TO APPEAR IN THE "VIRTUAL HEARING" OR "IN-PERSON" "COURT TRIAL", while the HEINOUS FACT is Alexandria Wang NEVER appeared in the DOZENS of "virtual hearings" or in-person "court trials", despite my repetitive demand of her appearance for herself to witness WHAT YOU VICIOUSLY SAY SHE SAID and for me to CROSS-EXAMINE all other parties.

Cowards, you only rely on the GUNS the authorized thugs carry to MUTE ME, and to SILENCE MY HEARING OF YOUR WORDS. I challenge you to PUBLICIZE ONLINE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC of all the original and full audio and/or video recordings of your "rule of law". I need to be allowed to have MY STATEMENTS in court, and I need to be allowed to cross-examine others on the spot just as you have allowed others to do so, and also because my brain and spine have been severely injured by the ACHES HUMANSCUMS via their attempted murderS, I have to cross-examine ON THE SPOT. I am not afraid of debate you about the truth, and I am afraid of being murdered by you and then crapped by you after my death.

Very Truly,

Limin Wang

Victim of the American-Chinese Hybrid Evil System and its HUMANSCUMS